Ultrasound test is OK


Hello! My problem is the following: within last year and a half during ejaculation I had soreness somewhere between the base of the penis and its midpoint. The urologist sent me to the ultrasound examination and uranalysis after prostate massage. The results of the examination showed that everything is OK. He put me on APIPROST, but 2 months later trouble ejaculating started again. I passed reanalysis. Ultrasound test is OK, urinanalysis after prostatic massage is the norm, dab on chlamydia trachomatis - negative, ureaplasma urealyticum - negative, trichomonas vaginanalis- negative, garrdnerella vaginanalis- negative, the pathogen DNA - negative). I was prescribed Prostatilen injections - a month later after the injections, painful ejaculation came back. I’m interested in the opinion of your specialists. Thanks.

Dear Sergio! Culture and sensitivity test of prostatic fluid? Culture test of ejaculate? Ultrasound test of prostate? Of gonecyst? Of scrotum organs?

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