- Do not set superfluous questions. I can tell that this rascal never any more will not concern your body. Never... Sleep, a dream - the best medicine, - the brother has smiled, took from a bed that pair of minutes back in fear has rejected from itself Lukretsija, and has risen. - I have gone, it is necessary to learn that at them there occurs. Already a quarter of hour shout. Probably, again someone have beaten. What to do?! Such is a life, the little sister...
CHezare has disappeared. In some minutes shouts have abated also. Lukretsija, despite the transferred shock, has fallen asleep an easy quiet sleep of the child. But something dreamt it strange - as if she has sprawled on a huge round bed round which someone scattered uncountable quantity of gold coins and jewels. Near to a bed there are three nude men - their persons are greased, but she feels that it is brothers - Chezare and Franchesko. The third... Who the third?
The girl has learnt it... It has not sustained, has cried in the sleep... Also has woken up.
The father. It was absolutely naked, as well as brothers. Only on a head its papal tiara. As at the grandfather. And he wished it to rape...
Lukretsii suddenly it wanted to die. My God, for what? For what such torments? Really they want my death? My God, answer me?! For what...
The uneasy dream has closed again its inflamed eyes.

"... But, passing to those who has got the power not milostiju destinies, and personal valour as naidostojneshih I will name Moiseja, Kira, Tezeja and to it similar. And though about Moisee there is no need to argue, for it was only the executor of will Supreme, however it is necessary to admire that good fortune which has made its worthy sobesedovat good luck. But we will address to Kiru both other conquerors and kingdom founders: their greatness cannot marvel, and as we see, their affairs and an establishment do not concede to that Moiseju from above have been inspired. Considering a life and feats of these husbands, we are convinced that the destiny has sent them only a case, that is has supplied with a material to which could give any form: be not such case, their valour would die away, without having found of application; do not possess they valour, the case vainly would be.
Moisej would not convince the people of Israel to follow itself, to leave bondage if has not found it in Egypt in slavery and oppression at Egyptians. Romul would not become the tsar of Rome and the state founder if after a birth has not been left to the mercy of fate and if Alba has not appeared for it too close. Kir would not reach such greatness if by then Persians have not been embittered by domination midjan, midjane - are weakened and coddled from the long world. Tezej could not show the valour if has not found Athenians living separately from each other. So, to each of these people the happy occurence has dropped out, but only their outstanding valour has allowed them to open sense of a case thanks to what of their fatherland have become famous and have found happiness..."

Yellow pergament sheets remained on a table - ink should dry up. It stood at the big window in a white room and looked at the blossoming dogrose landed directly before the house. Beautifully... But try, seize it. You will cover with wounds a hand... Here and Spaniards - as small children, do not know that create. Certainly, Kalikst will leave after itself on the Holy See of the son. But if also the new Daddy is same... Italy is a dogrose. A beautiful flower which should admire on distance. To hold it for branches too it is possible, but it is necessary to put on before a rough mitten, without it thorns will wound too painfully. Bordzha the pain are afraid, and a mitten it to put on laziness... For favour of destiny hope. Fools! Fate, time having turned away, shows the beautiful face again extremely seldom. Its favour again it is possible to deserve only...
- Signor Nikkolo, the carriage is submitted! It is possible to go to a way. You are ready?
Whether it is ready? He has grinned, but has answered with the usual quiet tone.
- Yes, Skortso. Already I go...

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